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Parallel Two-Dimensional Unstructured Anisotropic Delaunay Mesh Generation of Complex Domains for Aerospace Applications


Juliette Pardue and Andrey Chernikov.


Published in 45th International Conference on Parallel Processing, Best Paper Award, acceptance rate 21.1, August, 2016




In this paper, we present a bottom-up approach to parallel anisotropic mesh generation by building a mesh generator from principles. Applications focusing on high-lift design or dynamic stall, or numerical methods and modeling test cases still focus on the two-dimensions. Our push-button parallel mesh generation approach can generate high-fidelity unstructured meshes with anisotropic boundary layers for use in the computational fluid dynamics field. The anisotropy requirement adds a level of complexity to a parallel meshing algorithm by making computation depend on the local alignment of elements, which in turn is dictated by geometric boundaries and the density functions. Our experimental results show 70% parallel efficiency over the fastest sequential isotropic mesh generator on 256 distributed memory nodes.




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