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Parallel Data Refinement Layer of a Telescopic Approach for Extreme-scale Parallel Mesh Generation for CFD Applications


Nikos Chrisochoides, Andrey Chernikov, Thomas Kennedy, Christos Tsolakis and Kevin Garner.


Published in AIAA Aviation Forum 2018, Atlanta, Georgia, June, 2018




In earlier work, we proposed a Telescopic approach which is a multi-layered approach for extreme-scale parallel mesh generation and adaptation. In this paper, we describe the Parallel Data Refinement (PDR) layer of the Telescopic approach. Namely focus on PDR’s: (i) design and implementation and (ii) evaluation using TetGen, an open source mesh generation software, on shared memory machines. We outline lessons learned and future directions for revisiting the PDR layer and making adjustments in the implementation of the remaining layers of the Telescopic approach.




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