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Designing Playful Games and Applications to Support Science Centers Learning Activities


Michail Giannakos, David Jones, Helen Crompton and Nikos Chrisochoides.


Published in 16th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Crete, Greece, 2014




In recent years there has been a renewed interest on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. Following this interest, science centers staff started providing technology enhanced informal STEM education experiences. The use of well-designed mobile and ubiquitous forms of technology to enrich informal STEM education activities is an essential success factor. The goal of our research is to investigate how technology applications can be better used and developed for taking full advantage of the opportunities and challenges they provide for students learning about STEM concepts. In our approach, we have conducted a series of interviews with experts from science center curating and outdoor learning activities development, with the final goal of exploring and improving current learning environments and practices. This paper presents the development of set of design considerations for the development of STEM games and applications of young students. An initial set of best practices was first developed through semi-structures interviews with experts; and afterwards, by employing content analysis, a revised set of considerations was obtained. These results are useful for STEM education teachers, curriculum designers, curators and developers for K-12 education environments.




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