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CryoEM Skeleton Length Estimation using a Decimated Curve


Andrew McKnight, Kamal Al Nasr, Dong Si, Andrey Chernikov, Nikos Chrisochoides and Jing He.


Published in Computational Structural Bioinformatics Workshop, Publisher IEEE, pages 109 -- 113, Philadelphia, PA, October, 2012




Cryo-electron Microscopy (cryoEM) is an important biophysical technique that produces 3- dimensional (3D) images at different resolutions. De novo modeling is becoming a promising approach to derive the atomic structure of proteins from the cryoEM 3D images at medium resolutions. Distance measurement along a thin skeleton in the 3D image is an important step in de novo modeling. In spite of the need of such measurement, little has been investigated about the accuracy of the measurement in searching for an effective method. We propose a new computational geometric approach to estimate the distance along the skeleton. Our preliminary test results show that the method was able to estimate fairly well in eleven cases. This method is also able to detect outliers in the Electron Microscopy Data Bank in which the loops do not match the skeletons very well.




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