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Biomechanical Deformable Registration For Deep Brain Stimulation


Fotios Drakopoulos, Michael Weissberger, Kathryn Holloway and Nikos Chrisochoides.


Published in VMASC 2016 Capstone Conference, Suffolk,VA, April, 2016




In this paper we present an adaptive deformable registration method for Deep Brain Stimulation. The method relies on hexahedral mesh generation to compensate for the noise of CT scans. An adaptive approach is utilized to improve the accuracy of a well known non-rigid registration method used extensively for registration of MRI data. Finally parallel computing is used to reduce the execution time introduced due to adaptivity. Our evaluation on three DBS cases indicates that the proposed scheme satisfies the real-time constraints of DBS surgery and recovers the deep-brain deformation with high fidelity. Understanding brain shift in this context is an important task to improve the patient outcomes in DBS surgery.




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