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A new approach to parallel mesh generation and partitioning problems


Nikos Chrisochoides


Published in Purdue University Press West Lafayette, IN, USA, pages 335 -- 359, 2002




In this chapter, we present a new approach for parallel generation and partitioning of 3- dimensional unstructured meshes. The new approach couples the mesh generation and partitioning problems into a single optimization problem. Traditionally these two problems are solved separately with I/O and data movement overheads that exceed 90% of the total execution time for generating, partitioning, and placing very large meshes on distributed memory parallel computers. The new approach minimizes the I/O and data- movement overheads by eliminating redundant memory operations (loads/stores) from and to cache, local remote memory, and discs. Our preliminary results show that the new approach is nine times faster than the traditional approach for generating, partitioning, and distributing very large 3-dimensional unstructured meshes.




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