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A Multigrain Delaunay Mesh Generation Method for Multicore SMT-based Architectures


Christos Antonopoulos, Filip Blagojevic, Andrey Chernikov, Nikos Chrisochoides and Dimitris Nikolopoulos.


Published in Journal on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Volume 69, No. 7, pages 589 -- 600, 2009




Given the proliferation of layered, multicore- and SMT-based architectures, it is imperative to deploy and evaluate important, multi-level, scienti c computing codes, such as meshing algorithms, on these systems. We focus on Parallel Constrained Delaunay Mesh (PCDM) generation. We exploit coarse-grain parallelism at the subdomain level, medium-grain at the cavity level and fine-grain at the element level. This multi-grain data parallel approach targets clusters built from commercially available SMTs and multicore processors. The exploitation of the coarser degree of granularity facilitates scalability both in terms of execution time and problem size on loosely-coupled clusters. The exploitation of medium-grain parallelism allows performance improvement at the single node level. Our experimental evaluation shows that current SMT cores, even in high-end processors, are not capable of executing ne-grain parallelism in PCDM. Our ndings by experimenting with PCDM extend to other adaptive and irregular multigrain, parallel algorithms as well.




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