3D Slicer CBC3D Extension

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  In late June, I began working to integrate the current versions of the CBC3D extension into 3D slicer. I received the older multi-tissue version of CBC3D code that Fotis used to create the CBC3D extension, and I added it to my repository on Github. I made the changes suggested by Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin to fix the issues that were preventing the CBC3D extension from being built and packaged. I then changed the Slicer Extensions Index file to point to my repository with the changed code. The Slicer Extensions Index file is used by the Slicer Extensions build system to build, test, package, and upload the extension to the extension server, so that it can be installed using the extension manager. He also suggested that I add a license file to the repository. Github had a copyright template for BSD License, so I used this template to add a License.txt file to the CBC3D Github repository. I updated the documentation page on the Slicer Wiki. 
  I am currently testing out the code to make sure it would work with the upcoming release of 3D Slicer version 4.9. I built the Slicer source code for the 4.9 version using cmake and QT5. I had some problems building Slicer with Qt in the beginning, but I eventually was able to build it successfully. Once the slicer code was built, I built the current CBC3D extension using the Body Centric Cubic Mesh and Mesh Compression modules. I was able to build the extension binaries on cmake. I then used visual studios 2015 to create the library executables for the Body Centric Cubic Mesh and Mesh Compression modules to be used on 3D Slicer. The Mesh Compression module creates a mesh, but I encountered some problems with displaying the mesh for the Body Centric Cubic Mesh. I am still working on improving the code to make sure everything is working properly.
    • Body Centric Cubic Mesh Module
    • Mesh Compression Module