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External Collaborations

This page describes collaboration activities between CEPM and the broader research CFD community.

CRTC with SBU (Prof. Jim Jiao): Scalable Geometry Abstractions for Exterme-Scale Parallel Mesh Generation

CRTC with DoE/ANL (Dr. Pete Beckman): Multi-Layered Runtime System on Exascale OS (ARGO)

CRTC with NIA (Hiro Nishikawa) and SBU (Prof. Jim Jiao): mesh generation for high-order convergence schemes

CRTC with Center for Computational Engineering Science at RWTH Aachen University, Germany (Prof. Marek Bern): Parallel Space-Time Finite Element Simulations

CRTC with Medical School at SBU (Prof. Barry Lieber and Dr. Chader Sadasivan): Prediction of Long Term Efficacy of Cerebral Aneurysm Bypass by Flow Diversion

CRTC with Medical School at Harvard (Prof. Ron Kikinis, Prof. Alex Golby and Dr. Sarah Frisken): Deformable Registration for Brain Tumor Resection

CRTC with School of Medicine at VCU (Prof. Kathy Holloway): Deformable Registration for Deep Brain Stimulation

CRTC with NYU (Prof. Daniele Panozzo): Parallel swapable mesh operations project

Internal Collaborations

This page describes all collaboration projects between team members of the various Cores of CEPM

CRTC with NCSA/UIUC (Dr. Andriy Kot): Multi-Layered Runtime System

CRTC with Queen's Univ. Belfast, UK (Prof. Nikolopoulos): Power-Aware High Performance Computing Systems

CRTC with MIT (Prof. David Darmofal): Parallel Error-based Grid Adaptation

CRTC with MSU (Prof. David marcum): Modifications of AFLR for parallel mesh generation

CRTC with NASA/LaRC (Dr. Mike Park): Parallel Adaptive Anisotropic Mesh Generation