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Parallel Two-Dimensional Unstructured Anisotropic Delaunay Mesh Generation for Aerospace Applications


Juliette Pardue, Nikos Chrisochoides and Andrey Chernikov.


Published in 24th International Meshing Roundtable, October, 2015




A bottom-up approach to parallel anisotropic mesh generation is presented by building a mesh generator from the principles of point-insertion, triangulation, and Delaunay refinement. Applications focusing on high-lift design or dynamic stall, or numerical methods and modeling test cases use two- dimensional domains. Our push-button parallel mesh generation approach, meaning the user only needs to start the program by specifying the initial geometry, anisotropic gradation, and ray angle constraint, can generate high-fidelity unstructured meshes with anisotropic boundary layers for use in the computational fluid dynamics field.




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