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Parallel Mesh Generation Using an Advancing Front Method


Yasushi Ito, Alan Shih, Anil Erukala, Bharat Soni, Andrey Chernikov, Nikos Chrisochoides and Kazuhiro Nakahashi.


Published in Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, Publisher Elsevier, Volume 75, No. 5, pages 200 -- 209, September, 2007




Mesh generation is a critical step in high fidelity computational simulations. High quality and high density meshes are required to accurately capture the complex physical phenomena. A parallel framework has been developed to generate large-scale meshes in a short period of time. A coarse volume mesh is generated first to provide the basis of block interfaces and partitioned into a number of sub-domains using METIS partitioning algorithms. A volume mesh is generated on each sub-domain in parallel using an advancing front method. Dynamic load balancing is achieved by evenly distributing work among the processors. All the subdomains are combined to create a single volume mesh. The combined volume mesh can be smoothed to remove the artifacts in the interfaces between subdomains. A void region is defined inside each sub-domain to reduce the data points during the smoothing operation. The scalability of the parallel mesh generation is evaluated to quantify the improvement.




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