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Parallel Mesh Generation For CFD Simulations of Complex Real-World Aerodynamic Problems


George Zagaris, Shahyar Pirzadeh, Andrey Chernikov and Nikos Chrisochoides.


Published in Scalable Solution Algorithms for Computational Mechanics in US National Congress on Computational Mechanics, San Francisco, CA, July, 2007




Parallel, unstructured grid generation by the Advancing Front method (PAFT) is a very challenging and difficult problem. There are two primary problems with PAFT: (1) grid-termination: the difficulty, in certain cases, of the advancing front (AF) process to complete the grid and (2) grid-quality over by the partition interfaces. In this paper, we built on top of previous work and experience and we present a framework for parallel, unstructured grid generation. Our framework is integrated with NASAss unstructured grid generator VGRID and targets large-scale, complex, real-world aerodynamic problems. In addition, two approaches have been developed within our framework in an attempt to address the two pre-mentioned issues with PAFT and that is the main focus in this paper. In particular, in this work we propose: (1) Laplacian Smoothing as a way to improve the quality of the partition interfaces and (2) we apply Constrained Delaunay Tetrahedralization (CDT) on the remaining regions that the AF process was not able to mesh in order to guarantee termination. Lastly, we present results of the two aforementioned approaches as well as a preliminary performance evaluation of our framework.




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