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Parallel Anisotropic Unstructured Grid Adaptation


Christos Tsolakis, Nikos Chrisochoides, Michael A. Park, Adrien Loseille and Todd Michal.


AIAA Journal, Volume 59, No. 11, pages 4764 -- 4776, April, 2021




Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has become critical to the design and analysis of aerospace vehicles. Parallel grid adaptation that resolves multiple scales with anisotropy is identified as one of the challenges in the CFD Vision 2030 Study to increase the capacity and capability of CFD simulation. The Study also cautions that computer architectures are undergoing a radical change and dramatic increases in algorithm concurrency will be required to exploit full performance. This paper reviews four different methods to parallel anisotropic grid adaptation. They cover both ends of the spectrum: (i) using existing state-of-the-art software optimized for a single core and modifying it for parallel platforms and (ii) designing and implementing scalable software with incomplete, but rapidly maturing functionality. A brief overview for each grid adaptation system is presented in the context of a telescopic approach for multilevel concurrency. These methods employ different approaches to enable parallel execution, which provides a unique opportunity to illustrate the relative behavior of each approach. Qualitative and quantitative metric evaluations are used to draw lessons for future developments in this critical area for parallel CFD simulation.




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