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Image-To-Mesh Conversion Tool for Image-Driven Simulations


Joi Best, Kevin Garner, Daming Feng, Fotios Drakopoulos, Yixun Liu and Nikos Chrisochoides.


Poster in Virginia Space Grant Consortium, 2019




The goal of this research project is to improve upon the current Image-to-Mesh Conversion tool (I2MTool) [1], created by the Center for Real-time Computing (CRTC) [2], for medical imaging computing. The I2MTool will contain features not seen in any current medical imaging tool. Many visualization tools do not contain full functionality to display both mesh tessellations and images. 3D Slicer [3] is a software for image analysis, but the tool does not display tessellations. In Figures 1-3, a CBC3D extension was added to 3D Slicer, however the tool still lacks the full functionality to display tessellations and images. There is no tool that combines the functionality to display tessellations and images, so the I2MTool will be enhanced to incorporate these visualization features.




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