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Image-To-Mesh Conversion Tool for Image-Driven Simulations (Paper)


Joi Best, Kevin Garner, Daming Feng, Fotios Drakopoulos, Yixun Liu and Nikos Chrisochoides.


Virginia Space Grant Consortium, 2019




Grid Generation is a critical component for many (bio-)engineering and science applications. The goal of my research project is to improve upon the current Image- to-Mesh Conversion tool (I2MTool) created by the Center for Real-Time Computing (CRTC). The I2MTool could be proven beneficial in a spectrum of disciplines that spans from Multiscale Materials and Structures Modeling to Finite Element (FE) analysis for NASAs Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 2030 Vision and Vision 2040 for Integrated Computational Structures Modeling. My project involves the development of visualization techniques to make models in simulations look more realistically, impacting research in nuclear physics, aeronautic simulations and health care applications. In this paper, I will present recent work on the CBC3D Slicer extension and the I2Mtool. CBC3D is one of CRTCs 3D image-driven grid generation software that can generate high quality tetrahedral meshes. CBC3D was implemented as an extension within the 3D Slicer package for visualization and image analysis. Some features that were added to the I2MTool include: a feature to display a multi-material (or tissue) labeled mesh, and a loading bar to increase the tools user-friendliness. In the future, a feature to cut a cross-section of a mesh to view its interior will be implemented.




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