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Fully Generalized 2D Constrained Delaunay Mesh Refinement


Panagiotis Foteinos, Andrey Chernikov and Nikos Chrisochoides.


Published in SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, Volume 32, No. 5, pages 2659 -- 2686, August, 2010




Traditional refinement algorithms insert a Steiner point from a few possible choices at each step. Our algorithm, on the contrary, defines regions from where a Steiner point can be selected and thus inserts a Steiner point among an infinite number of choices. Our algorithm significantly extends existing generalized algorithms by increasing the number and the size of these regions. The lower bound for newly created angles can be arbitrarily close to 30 degrees. Both termination and good grading are guaranteed. It is the first Delaunay refinement algorithm with a 30 degree angle bound and with grading guarantees. Experimental evaluation of our algorithm corroborates the theory.




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