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Data Movement and Control Substrate for Parallel Adaptive Applications


Kevin Barker, Nikos Chrisochoides, Demian Nave, Jeff Dobellaere and Keshav Pingali.


Published in Concurrency and Computation:Practice and Experience, pages 77 -- 105, February, 2002




In this paper, we present the Data Movement and Control Substrate (DMCS), a library which implements low-latency one-sided communication primitives for use in parallel adaptive and irregular applications. DMCS is built on top of low-level, vendor-specific communication subsystems such as LAPI (Low-level Application Programme Interface) for IBM SP machines, as well as on widely available message-passing libraries like MPI for clusters of workstations and PCs. DMCS adds a small overhead to the communication operations provided by the lower communication system. In return, DMCS provides a flexible and easy to understand application program interface for one-sided communication operations. Furthermore, DMCS is designed so that it can be easily ported and maintained by non-experts




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