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Computational Science Simulations based on Web Services


Paul Chew, Nikos Chrisochoides, S. Gopalsamy, Gerd Heber, Tony Ingraffea, Edward Luke, Joaquim Neto, Keshav Pingali, Alan Shih, Bharat Soni, Paul Stodghill, David Thompson, Steve Vavasis and Paul Wawrzynek.


Published in International Conference on Computational Science, pages 299 -- 308, 2003




We describe the software architecture of a system for doing multiphysics simulation of a coupled fluid, thermal, and mechanical fracture problem. The system is organized as a collection of geographically-distributed software components in which each component provides a web service, and uses standard web-service protocols to interact with other components. The resulting system incorporates many features such as componentization and geographical distribution which we believe are vital to adaptive and dynamic data-driven application systems (DDDAS).




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