Our software products cover enabling technologies for Biomedical Image Computing, Large and Real-Time Finite Element Analysis, Maasive Parallel Computing and STEM Education.

BioMedical Image Computing


  • Real-Time 3D Physics Based Non-Rigid Registration
  • Tetrahedral Image-to-Mesh Conversion
  • Robust Scatter Points Approximation Using FE Biomechanical Model
  • Parallel N-Dimensional Exact Signed Euclidean Distance Transform
  • Automatic Assesment of Brain MRI Image Assesment Using Robust Local Hausdorff 


  • Image-to-Mesh Conversion for Drosophila Gene Expression
  • Estimation of Lower Bounds on the Lenght of Protein Chain Segments


Parallel Mesh Generation

  • 2D Medial Axis Domain Decomposition
  • 2D Parallel Constrained Delaunay Mesh Generation
  • 3D Real-Time BCC-based Single-Tissue Image-to-Mesh Conversion


Parallel Runtime Systems

  • Data Movement and Control Substrate
  • Mobile Object Layer
  • Portable Runtime Environment for Mobile Applications
  • Multi-Layered Runtime System


STEM E-Learning Technologies 

  • STEM Video Analytics
  • STEM TBD (Matt)  Game