Nikos Chrisochoides

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Director (Richard T. Cheng Professor)


Ph.D., Purdue University, 1992



  • Medical Image Computing: real-time image-to-mesh conversion and non-rigid registration
  • High-end Scientific Computing: parallel mesh generation and execution models
  • Parallel, Distributed and Grid/Cloud Computing: runtime systems and web-services

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Year 2009 Publications

  • Towards Exascale Parallel Delaunay Mesh Generation

Year 2008 Publications

  • Parallel Mesh Generation Using COTS
  • Parallel Mesh Generation for Medical Image Computing

Year 2007 Publications

  • Real-Time Non-Rigid Registration for IGNS: Mesh Generation
  • Parallel Unstructured Mesh Generation Using COTS: One Step Closer to Real-time Mesh Generation
  • Grid-Enabled Software Environment for Enhanced Dynamic Data-Driven Visualization and Navigation during Image-Guided Neurosurgery

2006 Publications

  • Toward Real-Time, Image Guided Neurosurgery Using Distributed and Grid Computing

2005 Publications

  • Parallel Mesh Generation Using COTS Software
  • Parallel Mesh Generation

2004 Publications

  • Parallel Mesh Generation: Web-services and COTS Software

2003 Publications

  • Parallel Guaranteed Quality Delaunay Mesh Generation and Refinement: Current Status,
  • A Case Study of Optimistic Computing on the Grid: Parallel Mesh Generation
  • Parallel Delaunay mesh generation kernel

2002 Publications

  • A new approach to parallel mesh generation and partitioning problems

Earlier Publications

  • Simultaneous Mesh Generation and Partitioning
  • Mobile Object Layer: A Runtime Substrate for Parallel Adaptive and Irregular Computations
  • Mobile Object Layer: A Runtime Substrate for Mobile Adaptive Computations
  • Parallel Run-time System for Adaptive Mesh Refinement
  • Comparison of Optimization Heuristics for the Data Distribution Problem
  • Data Movement and Control Substrate for Parallel Scientific Computing
  • Compiler and Run-time Support for Irregular and Adaptive Applications
  • Compiler Support for Easing the Programmer's Burden
  • Runtime Support for Parallel PDE Computations
  • Task Parallel Implementation of the BOWYER-WATSON Algorithm
  • Parallel Adaptive Delaunay Grid Generation
  • Multithreaded Model for Load Balancing Parallel Adaptive Computations on Multicomputers
  • Runtime Library for Parallel Unstructured Grid Generation
  • A Remote Service Protocol for Dynamic Load Balancing of Multithreaded Parallel Computations
  • Mapping Algorithms and Software Environment for Data Parallel Iterative PDE Solvers
  • Load Balancing Method for Static Parallel Grid Generation
  • An Evaluation of Data Mapping Approaches for Parallel Multi-Block Euler Solvers
  • A Computational Toolkit for Colliding Black Holes and CFD
  • Performance Evaluation of Data Mapping Algorithms for Parallel Single-phase Iterative PDE Solvers
  • An Alternative to Data-mapping for Parallel Ierative PDE Solvers: Parallel Grid Generation
  • A Methodology for Developing High Performance Computing Models: Storm-Scale Weather Prediction
  • Parallel Grid Generation on Distributed Memory MIMD Machines for 3-Dimensional General Domains
  • Partitioning Heuristics for PDE Computations Based on Parallel Hardware and Geometry Characteristics
  • The Parallelization of Level 2 and 3 BLAS Operations on Distributed Memory Machines
  • Parallel Iterative Methods
  • Geometry Based Mapping Strategies for PDE Computation
  • Domain Decomposer: A Software Tool for Partitioning and Allocation of PDE Computations Based on Geometry Decomposition Strategies
  • Automatic Load Balanced Partitioning Strategies For PDE Computations